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Are the booster seats safe?
The safetly of the product is of utmost importance to Koru Kids. The Toodler and Junior Boosters adhere to DIN Standard EN 16120:2012+A1:2014. This standard places high demands on the product with regard to mechanical, chemical and thermo-dynamic dangers. As it is designed for older and larger children, the Junior Booster does not include the 3-point harness.


What should I do when the chair straps delivered with the booster seat do not fit my chair?
In this case, please contact Koru Kids. Special lengths are available for the chair straps.


How can I clean the booster seats?
The simplest way to clean your booster seat is with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. Please avoid contact with abrasive, caustic or corrosive detergents and cleaning agents containing chlorine. These lead to staining and surface damage. Furthermore, please do not use any mechanical or sharp-edged objects for cleaning purposes.
You can also clean the chair straps and the 3-point harness with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. If they are heavily soiled, you can release the harness strap from the buckle and the booster seat and wash the strap at 30° C in the washing machine. Please hang the straps up to dry; do not place them in the tumble-dryer.


Can I use the Toddler Booster when ny child is older than 3 years or heavier than 15 kg?
Your Toddler Booster grows with your child! You can still use it when your child is older than 3 years or heavier than 15kg. In this case, you can remove the 3-point safety harness (DIN EN 16120:2017-03 requires the 3-pint safety harness for children u to 3 years of age or a with a maximum weight of 15kg). For safety reasons, however, we nevertheless recommend the use of the chair straps and adherence to the safety information in the instructions for use. Depending on the size and weight of the child, he/she will fit into the booster seat until about the age of 6 years. Please do not place a child weighing over 40kg in the booster seat.


How can I dispose of the boosters?
If you no longer need the booster seats and do not wish to pass them on, you can dispose of the booster seats with your household waste.


Can I use the booster in the car?
No, the booster seats are intended for the use on chairs only and can not be used in vehicles as child seats.

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