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Mouth-nose covering - community mask for the corona period (50 pieces)

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The mouth and nose cover is intended for private use (single use). It consists of 3 layers (including meltblown fleece in the middle layer) and has elastic ear loops. The flexible nose clip ensures a good fit in the nose area. There are 50 pieces in a box.

Please note the following instructions for use:
· The mouth and nose cover is intended for private use only.
· The usual hygiene regulations must still be observed.
· The mouth-and-nose covering should also maintain the WHO recommended safety distance of at least 1.50 m from other people.
· When putting on the mouth and nose cover, make sure that the inside is not contaminated.
· The mouth-nose cover must be placed correctly over the mouth, nose and cheeks and should be as close as possible to the edges to minimize air penetration on the sides.
· Replace the mouth-nose-cover with a new, clean and dry mouth-nose-cover as soon as it gets wet (approximately every 2 hours).
· The outside of the used mouth and nose cover is potentially pathogenic. In order to prevent contamination of the hands, it should be avoided if possible.
· After removing the mouth and nose covering, the hands should be washed thoroughly in accordance with the general hygiene rules (at least 20-30 seconds with soap).
The mouth and nose cover should be in a bag or similar after removal. be kept airtight and disposed of.
· Do not use mouth-nose covers a second time.
· The mouth and nose cover is not suitable for children under 6 years.
· Please store the mouth and nose cover in a cool, dry and protected from the sun.
· Please use with caution if you are allergic to nonwovens.

Attention: The mouth-nose cover is only intended for private use. No medical device or personal protective equipment. Not suitable for use in health or care, as occupational safety or other protective equipment to protect against infections or other pollutants. The mouth and nose covering is neither certified nor medically or otherwise tested. Wearing can reduce the rate of breath flow or saliva / droplet ejection. Read the additional product and usage instructions and the installation instructions before use.

Installation instructions:

   1. Thoroughly clean your hands with soap and water before putting on your mouth and nose cover.
   2. Check the mouth and nose covering for any damage.
   3. The mouth-nose cover has a flexible edge at the top, which can be adapted to the shape of your nose. Make sure that this flexible side is facing up before you put the nose and throat covering over your face.
   4. Make sure that the right side of the mouth and nose cover is facing out: The white side must be facing your face.
   5. Grab the mouth-nose cover by the loops and place one ear loop around each of your ears.
   6. Use both hands to adjust the nose bridge to your nose shape by bending the flexible part of the top edge of the mouth-nose cover around your bridge of the nose.
   7. Fit the mouth and nose cover to your face and chin so that your nose and mouth are completely covered and the lower edge of the mouth and nose cover sits under your chin.
   8. Check that the mouth and nose covering allows enough air to pass through as little as possible to prevent normal breathing.

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Everyday mask / community mask for private use
50 pieces per box
German speaking box
In stock
Shipped from Germany
Made in China

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