Friends of Koru Kids

The world thrives on the extraordinary! Many entrepreneurs and companies have unique products and services that we would like to draw your attention to.

Below is a selection of Koru Kids' friends - it's worth a click!

Robinson Club

Holidays at ROBINSON means experiencing unforgettable moments together in a relaxed atmosphere - right by the sea, in the mountains or on beautiful lakes. With our passion, we create this special ROBINSON atmosphere every day of your holiday, in which it is so easy for you to experience wonderful times together - with family, friends and also individually. In some clubs you can find Koru Kids Toddler and Junior Booster.

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Niklas Photographics

The creative photographer and videographer Niklas Gierling specializes in portrait photography for families and companies as well as short films. It is an indispensable part of our media presence.

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Timkid - innovative furniture for children

All products are ergonomically designed, back-friendly for adults and offer optimal safety for the many activities for children.
Our furniture is known for its functionality, durability and ecological choice of materials.

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The Allgäuhaus - a special family hotel

Holiday for the whole family in an exceptional
family hotel in the Allgäu - family-friendly rooms, child-friendly
restaurant and rooms for the whole family. In the Allgäuhaus
all children can sit on Koru Kids Toddler and Junior Booster.

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The Zauchenseehof is a fun factory, family park and
oasis of well-being. We, the Walchhofer family, have been a family business since 1968. From a large family for families with children.

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Here you can find great
excursion destinations for children in your area.

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Italienische Speisen und pure Lebensfreude für die ganze Familie! Kinder bis 6 Jahre essen und trinken im PURiNO kostenlos, alle Speisen sind frisch und perfekt zum Teilen.

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